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Pursuit Channel

Mark Peterson's: Expedition Series

Mark Peterson's: Expedition Series takes viewers across the high seas and over the tallest peaks in search of the outdoor experiences that drive them. Hosted by Mark Peterson, the show goes beyond the trophies to the quest for something more, by plugging into the cultures and personalities that make these exotic locations so special. From Pakistan to Alaska and many more unique locations in between, Peterson hunts for adventure and a deeper understanding of some of the most sought-after game species in the world. This up close and personal account of Peterson’s adventurous spirit breaks the mold, fusing travel, hunting and exploration like no series ever has.

Digital Series

Currently in production, this digital series will take viewers along my journey to complete the super slam of North America big game 3 times, by way of 3 different methods (Bow, Muzzleloader, and Rifle). This series will dive into the differences of hunting using a Bow, Muzzleloader, and Rifle. We will also look at which areas of the country offer the best chances at success for each method of hunting. I will use the vast knowledge of all the consultants at WTA to make this dream into a reality.