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The Journey Within – A Deer Hunter’s Diary is Mark Peterson’s quest to harvest the 31 different deer species in North America 

Mark's Progress - 1 of 31 species

1 of 31 North American Deer

Deer Slam Kickoff Episode

North America has some of the most sought-after wild game animals in the world. One of Mark Peterson’s favorites to pursue is the whitetail deer. Mark has done the legwork to come up with a list of 31 subspecies of deer to chase over the next 6 years. 29 locations and animals ranging from whitetails to Red Brocket deer down in the jungle. This project is going to be one of Mark’s biggest challenges.

Whitetail Deer

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Northeastern Whitetail Deer



Mark Peterson is kicking off his North America Deer Slam in the great state of Michigan. Mark cut his teeth in Michigan chasing Whitetails with his dad ever since he was able to walk. Starting this new project focused on deer, it only made sense to launch in his home state of Michigan. With the leaves changing and the rut heating up, Mark hops into one of his favorite stands right off his driveway to try his luck chasing a big Michigan Whitetail.



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29 Species