World Turkey Slam

In a Single Season

6 Species

Mark Peterson's World Turkey Slam map

Mark Peterson documented his journey to the World Turkey Slam that consists of an Eastern, Rio Grande, Florida Osceola, Merriam’s, Gould’s and Ocellated turkey. Follow along on this awesome accomplishment, completed in a single season!

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World Turkey Slam Recap

6 Locations

Take a look back at all that went into Mark completing the World Turkey Slam. Mark’s goal wasn’t just to complete the slam, but to do it in one turkey season.  In this case, the quest took him about 6 weeks to complete. To achieve the World Turkey Slam you need to have harvested one of each North American Subspecies of wild turkey. The subspecies, not in any particular order, are Eastern, Rio, Merriam’s, Osceola, Gould’s, and Ocellated.

Mark Peterson Florida Osceola Turkey
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Florida Osceola Turkey



Mark Peterson embarks on his first hunt to complete the World Turkey Slam. In this first episode of a 6 part series, Mark heads into the deep south of Florida to chase after the Osceola species. The Osceola is only found in certain parts of Florida and is know for its much darker appearance.  

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Ocellated Turkey


Campeche, Mexico

Mark heads to the jungle of Mexico with Balam Outfitters to hunt an Ocellated turkey. They are primarily found in Mexico and are known for their striking bronze and green iridescent colors. The Jungle poses some interesting challenges that make this hunt exciting and unconventional. 

Mark Peterson Rio Grande Turkey in Texas
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Rio Grande TURKEY


Texas Panhandle

Mark travels to the Lone Star State of Texas to chase the Rio Grande turkey species. This is the third turkey in his quest to harvest all 6 species for the World Turkey Slam. It was super easy to fill his first tag but the second was a bit more of a challenge!

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Merriam's TURKEY


Western Nebraska

Mark takes another step closer to complete his World Turkey Slam. The Merriam’s species is found at higher elevations and known for the white colors on their tail feathers. Western Nebraska has become a mecca to harvest the Merriam’s turkey.

Mark Peterson Eastern in Kentucky
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Eastern TURKEY


Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Mark Peterson heads down to Kentucky to hunt with good friend George of Salt River Outfitters. This is Mark’s chance to harvest the Eastern species of turkey. The Eastern turkey is the most common species and can be found in most of the United States. 

Mark Peterson's Goulds in Sonora Mexico
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Gould's Turkey


Sonora, Mexcio

Mark heads to the Sierra Madre mountain range to punch the tag of the last turkey species, the Gould’s. Not only was Mark able to harvest all 6 species to complete the World Turkey Slam, he was able to do it in one turkey season. In this episode watch Mark have two amazing hunts that result in more than just one beard.



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